Mystery Dinner 

Gather Friends and enjoy an evening of drama.  

$100 for 8 players - Lasagna Dinner included

(Potluck Dinner $20.)

We will provide the script, costumes and facility and direction.
Have dinner with friends and discover "who done it".
Mystery Dinner
Northern Wisconsin Cabin Specials

Several groups have played these Mystery Dinners and had a great time. There is very little prep time and it is as fun as you make it. Adlibbing is what makes it fun. Each player gets a pamphlet that describes their character. Then for each scene there are a few questions and comments that are listed in each player's pamphlet. With each course there is a little time to review the next scene's directions. How and when you ask the questions or reveal the "facts" is up to the individual. You are not reading a script. At the end everyone votes on who they think "done it". Only one person knows for sure. We have had a lot of fun with this. There are plays available for couples, women, and teens. Come and try it out with your family or friends.
  • Hosts: Laurel Malicki
  • Evergreen Lodge
  • 6161 Evergreen Lane
  • Boulder Junction, WI 54512

  • Phone: 715-385-2132

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Updated 12/12/2017