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Vacation Northern Wisconsin

November 15, 2018 The deer hunters are arriving for the gun season opener. Daisy has a new hunter orange coat to wear but will spend the next week on-leash. The last of the fishing is over with ice covering the lake since Tuesday, 11/13/18; an early start to winter. There were some lunkers caught, 49 and 50 inches. I, Laurel wert out for a few hours on my first fishing license in the 30 seasons that I have been here. We were letting some suckers do the work for the big ones and casting for some late Crappie. So, I caught one, a 6 inch Cisco. It will not be mounted. Otherwise Scott and I are here for the winter and planning a small wedding. We hope to find a property near here because of the great cross country skiing and fishing. It is hard to think of leaving here. The summer will be filled with fishing, kayaking, hiking, biking and travel for the first time. It was why we moved here 30 years ago. The Lodge kept us too busy to really enjoy these things that I have always loved. A new chapter which I hope will include many old friends.

September 26, 2018 Fall has started and the lake is cooling. The weather was unusually warm the beginning of the month. Scott and I had a short three day trip to Pictured Rocks National Shoreline and enjoyed hiking and kayaking along Lake Superior. With that glorious warm weather. Frost is expected this weekend. Colors are coming on fast. The Muskies will be coming on fast too.

September 5, 2018 Fall is in the air and the Muskies are starting to feed. There have been 4 in the mid-thirty’s caught this week by two of the fisherman. We have had a good amount of rain in the past few weeks so once the temperatures dip another 10 degrees the trees should burst into color. Labor Day was busy with the Chicago Friar’s Ski and Bike Club here Old friends of Noel and mine from our days of dating in Chicago. Did I say OLD. Julia starts her sophomore year today at UW Madison. Did you know that sophomore means wise fool in Latin. Hopefully she doesn’t prove that out.

August 28, 2018 It is still summer and yet we are seeing some cool nights. An extended family had a great evening enacting the “Lake Terror” mystery dinner game. There was a lot of drama and laughter. We are heading into the Labor Day weekend with a camp full of returning guests. The Chicago Friars Ski and Bike Club make up most of the group and this is their 29th year here. Last night we had a thunder storm that rivaled most fireworks displays. 2 inches of rain fell which will bring the water level up. Daisy has gotten used to the resort life and makes new friends each week. Last week she had a small puppy to play with and she was very gentle with him, Huckleberry. Fishing is still in summer mode. Cool nights will bring that to an end and the fall hunt will begin.

July 4th, 2018 It’s July and we are having warm, humid weather with thunder storms. The PAWWs camp went well. 10 veterans and their service dogs and spouses stayed here for three nights of training and resorting. It was a good weekend of good friends, food and dogs, Fishing has been on and off with the weather. Some nice walleye, northern, musky and bass have been landed. Crappie are getting harder to find. Daisy Dog, is fitting in and making a lot of friends. She is still learning what is expected of her. She has learned to swim and will retrieve sticks on land and in water. She still relishes chasing the cats. The dumpster diving bear has moved on to other menus. Doug took me mountain biking at the WinMan trails last weekend and I loved the single track trail. We also demo’d new bikes. Scott had me purchase a WI fishing license and I will join him in this pursuit. Hope to see you soon. Laurel

June 16, 2018 Meet the new resort dog, Daisy. She is a standard poodle with party colors. She has lots of energy at 15 months. Daisy is friendly to everyone and loves to play with all the visiting dogs. It was a short spring. Ice was out May 6th after a quick week of melt. The staff worked very hard to get everything ready for Memorial Day since all the cabins were full that weekend. It was hot with 90 degree days. The fishing has been good although only two Muskies were entered in the Musky Log. Nice Crappie, Northern and Bass have been coming in too. Yesterday we had over 4 inches of rain. The lake is at an all time high water mark. It was still high from the snow melt and the 3 inches of rain the week before. Julia is off to summer school at UW Madison. Doug is engaged to his college sweetheart. Laurel is engaged to Scott Miller, one of the Musky fishermen that stays at the lodge. Hope you have called to book your cabin!

April 27/2018 Here we are starting another season. It was a long winter; the coldest December since 1886. At least now we have central heat and heated cars. What’s winter with out snow; over 100 inches of snow this year with 18 inches in April. So...the lake has a couple of feet of ice on it still. Opening fishing is 7 days from now. We will not have open water. This weekend is the last of the below freezing nights so the ice will start to thin. The water to the lakeside cabins can not be turned on until the ground is thawed. Other happenings…Julia has survived freshman year at UW Madison; well two more weeks to go. Doug is enjoying his job at Agri Industries. It was a quiet winter here: only Laurel and the two cats. Two weeks of skiing in Colorado and lots here both downhill at Powderhorn in the U.P. and cross country on the many great local trails filled the days. We lost River Dog in late summer and Bailey in January both were 13 years old. A dog hasn’t been found to replace them. Lots of reservations are coming in. If you made your reservation before April and have not contacted me please do. The reservation book was destroyed and I know when guests are coming but not who. The PAWWs group is coming the last weekend in June. They are hoping for warm summer weather; aren’t we all. It is a great group of veterans and their service dogs led by Pam Barnett.

Fall Musky
Fall Musky
Dog Friendly
It is cold out here
Bald Headed Eagle
Fall Muskie
Pet Friendlycaught the big one

June 25, 2017 It was a busy spring. Ice was out early with a warm March. That was the end of our mild weather. Two roofs have new shingles and some rafter supports. White pine has some new footings and piping. Both Doug and Julia graduated and there was a party here at the lodge. Doug has a great job as a Design Engineer at Agri Industries in Merrill, WI. Doug is renting an apartment in Wausau. Fishing has been good. Some nice walleye and northern along with bass. The Musky have been teasing. They just donot take the bait. Julia had compartment syndrome surgery June 8th and is just taking a few steps today on crutches. Otherwise she has been in bed or in a wheel chair. She is being patient but itching to get moving. She did go to UW Madison to sign up for classes. She is very pleased to have been accepted there.

March 8, 2017 Last year and some went by without a note. Maybe too much time on was spent Facebook. So let us catch up. Julia is a senior in high school and Doug is a 5th year senior. Both will graduate this spring. They are not around much. Summer of 2016 Doug worked here on weekends and at Pukal Lumber during the week. It was great to have him around. Pukal is in Arbor Vitas and is the biggest lumber mill in Wisconsin. They supply many of the big box stores. Julia went to several summer camps including a week of hiking the Superior trail north of Duluth with Venture Scouts. We spent a week in Steam Boat Springs, CO skiing over Christmas. This winter I have been active with a local ski group that downhill skis and cross country skis. We have good snow and have not had a blizzard yet. The pets are well but already have cabin fever.

There was a lot of rain last summer and a few storms. One of the storms knocked trees down across both ends of the loop/driveway. Several guests rallied and pulled and chain sawed the trees to clear a path. The past few days have been so windy, gusts to 60 miles an hour. One tree was down on the driveway and the power out for 20 hours. Julia leaves for a trip with her Spanish class to Guatemala and Belize Sunday. Reservations are coming in every day.

caught the big one
Caught in the act

Summer of 2016 there was a lot of rain and a few storms. One of the storms knocked trees down across both ends of the loop/driveway. Several guests rallied and pulled and chain sawed the trees to clear a path. Doug worked here on weekends and at Pukal Lumber during the week. It was great to have him around. Pukal is in Arbor Vitea and is the biggest lumber mill in Wisconsin. They supply many of the big box stores. Julia went to several summer camps including a week of hiking the Superior trail north of Duluth with Venture Scouts.

Horse shoes
First Musky
First Musky
Off the pier

October 3, 2015 Colors are going to explode this week. The weather has be lovely. Finally had frost and cooler temperatures. It has been a busy fall and the fall shut down is in the planning stage. Celebrated my birthday with good friends for a week. A stay-vacation for me. Of course I cooked and shared breakfast with the guests. The muskies are lurking and looking. With the cooler temps they should get hungry.

August 16, 2015 Dog days here today gone tomorrow. 80 degrees the past few but gonig to cool off tonight. There was a nice article about some of our guess in the Minocqua paper. I missed it but found it today. Check it out on our Wisconsin Vacation Specials page. Julia is home from China. She was delayed four days by the typoon. It hit the city that she was staying in but her family was safe. Doug is home for a few days from summer school but has to be back to Madison for band practice. Clara is the new summer staff in Acorn cabin. She has been coming to Evergreen two weeks every year for 14 years. Clara is 14 years old. She knows how the place ticks.

July 22, 2015 A week of beautiful weather. Enjoyed a wonderful fish fry of crappie from Little Crooked with the extended family of 28 here this week. A new staff member in Acorn cabin (Staff cabin). Tyler has vacationed here several times and enjoys fishing. He caught a nice Bass off the pier last night. Fishing has been good with northern and bass being active. Julia is off on vacation with a friend. They are visiting the friend’s family in China. Still a few cabins open.

June 30, 2015 Just ended a fun filled week with a family reunion. A few picture here. Cool today with a wind off Lake Superior. Fishing has really picked up. 8 Muskies caught in the last 7 days. Looking forward to a full camp for the 4th. Still cabins available most of the summer but it is busy.

June 21, 2015 Summer is here in the Northwoods today. Starting to see some Musky action, the Bass are biting, the kids are giggling about the Bluegills off the pier. It is a family week this week with three generations and 35 folks. The resort is all put together with a few more tweaks. The Dog Training weekend was great. The Mosquitoes are moderate. Doug had a great 2 week camping trip to the Grand Canyoun with some friends. Doug is in summer school at UW. Julia and the high school band had a good trip to Disney World. Today she left for a week of church camp where she will backpack in Pictured Rocks National Park. It looks like a busy summer here so plan a trip and give us a call.

April 12, 2015 Spring has come to the Northwoods today. A few days ago we had a few inches of new snow. Today the temps are about 70 and the ice is half gone from the lake. The water was turned on to the Full Kitchen cabins. There were just a few problems with the pipes and all are fixed for now. We were up to the water falls last weekend. Meet our new dog, River, a 10 year old black lab that needed a home. Now that the lake is opening up he seems to be happy here. He was a very good duck hunting dog. Spring break is behind us. Julia went to Costa Rica with the HS Spanish Club. Track season is going well. Next weekend is the UW Varsity Band Concert at the Kohl Center. It is sure to be a blast.

March 24, 2015 Spring has Sprung…well not here just yet. It has been above freezing most days but still about 20 at night. Most of the snow is gone and the lake is groaning but still solid. Thinking about starting up cabins and hoping that all will go well. The carpenter, Ken, is remodeling Sawmill’s bathroom and has started a project to level Red Pine and Sun Burst. All three projects can not be completed until the ground thaws. There are several other projects planned but the weather and the calendar may not cooperate for them. Julia has started track and is happy to be able to run outside even if it is cold. Doug is involved in UW band at hockey and basketball playoffs. Don’t forget to make your vacation plans and give us a call or email.

February 23. 2015 the high school cross country ski season has come to an end for this year. Our boys team took first in state and the girls took second. It was a great year. Julia finished 33 over all in the State. Then if was Birkie Fever time. Julia finished 8th in her age category for Classic. Doug finished in the top 25% for his age. Uncle John finished his 32nd Birkie. Cousin Jeff finished faster than all. It is an event with 10500 skiers. The course is 55 km or 24 km for Julia (under 18 yrs.). Hope you are staying warm, It will be spring soon (I hope).

Jan. 28, 2015 Happy New Year! Time flies..The cabins all are shut-down for the winter. It was a cold week at the end of October when I turned the water off to the lakeside cabins and blew out the lines. Hunting season was even colder and lines under Bunk House froze and will have to be repaired in spring. The carpenter leveled Musky Strike porch and has plans to level Red Pine and Sun Burst this spring. There are two bathroom remodels planed for spring and a new roof for Eagles Nest. Hopefully we will have an early mild spring. In the mean time I’ve done a few days of tweaking on the web page and of course the taxes are being worked on. Julia is skiing for the high school team. With XC ski practice and band there are lots of trips to the high school for me. Julia is practice driving and will take the test in April. Hope you are making your vacation plans and including a trip to Evergreen.

Fall Northern
Fall Musky
UP Waterfalls
Spring Snow
Dog Friendly
Open Water

July 5, 2014 Fish are biting and the sun is shinning. The 4th was celebrated and we are settling into the summer rhythm. Doug is backpacking in Europe for two weeks and Julia is home from a week at UW music camp and a week at Covenant Point Bible camp. Ola is our summer staff from Poland. She has been here two weeks and is part of the family now.

June 22, 2014 So it is summer. Mid-80’s today. Fish are biting. Yes, the ice is off the lake since mid-May. Once the ice was off there was so much to do and such a short time. Memorial Day weekend and the Dog Training weekend were busy. The mosquitoes started May 30th and have been going strong since. We had record snow fall this winter and there is a lot of standing water for breeding. The middle of June we drove to northern Georgia (2200 miles total) to visit Uncle David. We were able to white water raft the Ocoee River. It was great fun. We hiked on the Appellation Trail and Doug biked a mountain trail. A few folks fended for themselves at the lodge while we were traveling. All was well here. The cabins are all ready now. Three bathrooms were remodeled during the winter (we broke all the weather records). Two bedrooms and kitchens were rearranged too. Eight new mattress sets installed also. Spring break took Julia and I to Vail, CO to ski. Julia took a bump lesson and skied all of the Birds of Prey. Julia did track this spring and had a great season sprinting and 4x800 anchor. Our friend Ed had a pace maker put in and is recovering. He will be around helping out as usual.

Spring Break ’14 Julia and I drove to Vail, Colorado this year for a week of skiing at the two best mountains – Vail and Beaver Creek. Julia took a Bump lesson and skied all the Birds of Prey runs in one day. She also had a great season on the high school Cross Country Ski Team as a freshman. It was a very cold winter and she was outside in the cold every evening and weekend.

01/12/14 Happy New Year! The year has started out on an odd foot. So cold ... negative 30° and then positive 30° two days later. We have been skiing on the normal days: Indianhead Mt. and cross country. UW played in the Capital One Bowl game and Doug was there playing with the marching band. Orlando was warm and he enjoyed it. He is sking in Aspen this week with UW Hoofer ski club. Julia is doing well as a freshman on the high school XC ski team. The remodeling is going slowly with the severe weather but should start shaping up. These picture are from the UW game Thanksgiving weekend.

Georgia hills

11/15/13 Fall fishermenn missed the late Musky catch. It stayed nice too long. The radio report is that now is the time. Yesterday the lake was skimmed over with ice. It is gone today. Still have a little snow on the grass. The bow hunters got 3 deer. The gun season starts in a week. The Lakeside cabins are all shut down and the water lines blown out. It is the first time I (Laurel) did it alone. Spring will tell what my skill level is. The news is that we having some remodeling to four cabins done. More on that as it progresses.

10/04/13 We are having a mild fall. Color is peaking and we still have not had frost. The fishing is improving. The 27" walleye on the home page was caught off the pier on a sucker. The Dog Training weekend went well. It is such a nice group and every one enjoys the comradely. We have been having drizzle today. Hope to see some nice fish caught.

08/01/13 It has been a busy summer so far. Three generation family reunions are wonderful. The little cousins together are the best part. One family group was here for their ususal two weeks and it was HOT. They had to work to catch enough crapie to feed 20 for the two fish fries. Doug had a wonderful time at the BSA National Jamboree in West Virginia -rafting the New River, swimming in the Atlantic at Virginia Beach, rock climbing, ropes course, mountain biking, and more. Julia has been home for a month after being gone for a month on four trips. Celsey is our new staff member and is a great person. Now we are planning to get Doug back to college and Julia will start sports and band in a few weeks. Oh, the summer is so short. If the weather ever settles the fish should be jumping into the boat. The June crowd did well fishing. The young man in the red shirt was staff during June. Not too mny jobs require this skill.

06/22/13 The loon babies hatched this week along with the worst mosquito hatch we have seen in over 10 years. It is fun to watch the family. The parents are very protective. Often a eagle passes over and the parents call out. When the chicks hatched the parents called out with a tremolo. Julia has been home 5 days so far in the month of June. This week she is off to Island Camp in Iron River, MI. Families are here and the resort is busseling with activity.

05/19/13 First guests of the season this weekend. Still working on water to a few cabins. One of the valve pits still had several inches of ice in it. Julia suggested a hair dryer. That worked. Everything has to be ready by Thursday. All the piers will go in too. Doug came home for the weekend and has headed back to Madison for a special two week class in computer maintenance. Julia"s class canoed 40 miles of the Wisconsin River last week from the head waters to Eagle River. She had a great time (much better than algebra class). Spring and Summer reservations are going well.

05/12/2013 Friday was beauiful so Julia and "Sunny" took the kayaks out. "Sunny" enjoys canoeing and kayaking which are both new to her. Today we woke up to a couple of inches of snow and strong winds from the North (cold!). Most years the kids swim on Mother"s Day. Julia swam in the Manitowish River on Thursday and said that that counts as a first swim. Now bring on the warm weather and spring fishing.

05/10/2013 Going to be cold the next few nights, mid-twenties, but warm during the day. The ice was out yesterday mid-day. Beautiful sunny day today. Our guest from China has seen piles of snow and a frozen lake. There have been a few trumpeter swans on the lake this week; spot them on the ice on the picture. The water for the three back cabins is on without much trouble. Ground is still too cold for the lakeside cabin water.

Spring in the North woodsSpring in the North woodsSpring in the North woodsSpring in the North woods Spring in the North woods
Spring in the North woodsSpring in the North woodsSpring in the North woodsSpring in the North woods Spring in the North woods

04/09/2013 Weather alert for tonight again. Checked the forecast for the next two weeks ...Highs of mid-40"s Lows of 20"s. The following two weeks we should see mid-50"s and Lows of 30"s. So with an estimated 3" of ice the fish will be really hungry when it melts. Often in the past Ice-out is about Good Friday. Well not this year. These pictures are from the weekend.

Spring in the North woods Family in the North woods
North woodsFamily in the North woods

Copied from the Lakeland times editorials 3/12/2013, Why we live in the Northwoods ... The majority moved here not for prosperity but to escape from stress and the impersonal life of city living. We raise our children here because we want them to develop and nurture in an environment that is peaceful, stress free and safe. We live here to create memories with our children that are framed amongst the creation of nature. We are here because we have an appreciation of nature and develop a love for what surrounds us that develops into a strong sense of preservation. We want to protect our life in nature for our children and the next generation. We escape to the Northwoods and invite others to visit and appreciate our natural wealth. Our lives are woven and intertwined with nature for the inspiration of the arts. Our God’s Country is our athletic arena, source of fresh air and complements an ideal of living one with nature that extends our lifeline and enriches us. Our Northwoods is a priceless gift...
The rest is political. This is what it is all about. Please come and join us here in our paradise.

March 2, 2013 Oh the Places You Will Go!  Well some time has pasted here. The UW Badgers went to the Rose Bowl and so did the band and Julia and I. We had a great time in LA / Pasadena. Red Eye flights with credit card points and Metro passes just added to the "experience". The parade was awesome; Julie has photos of almost every float. Hollywood, Rodeo Drive, Santa Monica Pier and Beach, Art and Science Museum, Tar Pits and shopping!

Northern Wisconsin Parade
Northern Wisconsin ParadeNorthern Wisconsin Parade
Wisconsin Resort CarNorthwoods Wisconsin Sunset

September 3, 2012  Doug is off to Madison.  He has been there a week and had band practice everyday.  Saturday was their first game.  He called to say that he made the band.  He will be a Uniformed Alternate for the next game.  (He called for money for the band uniform fees.)  What fun.  We are having Hurrican Issac weather today- warm and humid.  Fall dates are filling up so call to reserve your fall getaway. Fishing has still been slow but you can catch enough for a good fish fry.  

Fall Getaway Weekend
Fall Weekend Getaway

June 26, 2012 Time flies when you are having fun. Here"s Roman with the first Musky of the year, caught June 6. We had a series of events this spring that kept us hopping. Doug and his fellow China travelers made a presentation at a spaghetti dinner. Several friends came up and we opened the back cabins earlier than ever before thanks to a mild March. We also hosted Doug"s Chinese "brother" for five days in May. He was a great young man and it was fun to meet him. Then there was Doug"s graduation. It was the same weekend as the Dog Training. All the cabins were full. We had a brunch for family and friends after breakfasts. The graduation ceremony was packed. Then back to the lodge for dinner and party. While we were gathering for dinner there was a beautiful wedding here on the point near the campfire. We also have two wonderful young women from Poland working and living here this summer. Roman gets to practice his fluent Polish skills with them. The girls cooked us a wonderful meal of their favorite dishes. So fishing has been good but Roman is the only one to catch Musky. The DNR has set the legal limit at 40 inches but we will continue to have the Musky Log to record 32 inch or better. More pics on the Action page.


Feb. 11, 2012 It has been a good winter. Skiing both downhill at Blackjack and cross country. Shopping has been the other major activity. At Menards (Wisconsin"s Home Depot but better). Several cabins are getting an interior face-lift of carpet, vinyl, curtains, comforters. But back to skiing. This weekend the kid´s ski club hosted the Wisconsin High School Cross Country Ski Championship Race. Both Doug and Julia skied in two races on Saturday. Doug finished 14th in the compined total and Julia finished 17th. IN THE STATE..Play movie clip of Doug (2769kb Julia is doing a project at school and she is my personal trainer. I am getting back in shape after a month of inactivity after sugury in November. Julia is good at this and I am really feeling fit.

This picture was sent by Lukas, our 2011 summer staff. It is a picture of him skiing in Poland)

Northern WI
Northern WI

Feb. 01, 2012 Here is Doug at his Eagle Scout Court of Honor. These three young men have been together as Boy Scouts for all these years. Good Friends!
Northern WI
Northern WI

October 15, 2011 Indian Summer was glorious and almost two weeks long.  Now the fall fishing can start.  The lake  will finish  turning over . Some nice fish were caught during Indian Summer, check the Action page for new pictures.  The weather is going to be high of 50 and low of 35. Three of the piers are out. Some friends came up from Chicago and Whitewater and with Ed got things done.  The Lakeside cabins will close this week.  Trailside is getting a new roof this weekend. Doug is in China, there are pictures on the Action page.  He played a solo at half time for  Home Coming.  Julia finished soccer and volleyball and is ready to start basketball.

September 7, 2011  Well what happened to August?  It went too fast.  This was a nice fat Northern.  The girls were hoping for a Musky.   There was a beautiful Musky caught over the holiday weekend.  The weather turned cool  and the fish became aggressive.  Look at the home page for the picture.  Julia and Doug are back to school of course.  The young man that was here from Poland to work for the summer is gone.  He is taking two weeks to see a little of America -Chicago, New York city and L.A. and Los Vegas and the Grand Canyon.  Doug is finishing his Eagle Scout requirements.  He is also preparing to go to China for two weeks in October.  He was thrilled to be picked to go.  They are fund raising all the funds so please send any loose change to North Lakeland School.  

August 4, 2011  It is summer in the north woods.  47° this morning and 82° this afternoon.  A beautiful day to be at the lake.  We did have a rain day Tuesday.  Four or five inches of rain and thunder and lightning most of the night and day.   Fishing has been O.K. but we are not seeing many Musky. None in the newspaper either so where are they.  Guess you will just have to come up and get them yourself.  Julia is at church camp this week and Doug went to the Wisconsin State Fair.  They should both have stories to tell. 

Northern WI

As many of you know Noel passed away May 31, 2011. There was a beautiful memorial here at the lodge and a wonderful gathering and memorial in Chicago. An out pouring from family, neighbors- old and new. friends, school chums, ski club friends, work mates. Noel is missed every day but he is in a better place. Doug and Julia and I are doing well and the lodge is thriving. Ed is working here as always. Lukas is a summer student from Poland and is a great guy. My brother Ralph saved the day when he came with chainsaw and tools after the storm.  When you drink a cup of Stewards coffee remember Noel.  Pam remembered his giggle and his watching Mash.  A work-mate remembered his kindness and patients.  Others remembered him sharing his Ed Sullivan tapes and is love of  watching the White Sox.  As you think of things about Noel email them to me so that I can save them for Julia and Doug.  Noel wrote limericks for our wedding announcement and both birth announcements. So I wrote a short one for him.

There once was a laddie named Noel
A 299 game he did bowl
Family and friends were his love
He will always be skiing above
  Serving country and friend his role
                                                    Farewell dear kind soul, Noel

Eagles Nest Cabin Sunset at the Lake Storm at the Lake

July 2, 2011  The month of July started out strong.  That is STRONG WINDS riped through the resort Friday about 9:30 pm.  At least twelve trees are down.  One tree fell on Eagles Nest porch and destroyed half of it.  Two of the huge white pines at the campfire tipped over pulling their roots up.  Never a dull moment here.  Friday was so hot, mid-nineties and Saturday was a beautiful day.  Great weather for clean-up.  With three chainsaws going and a legion of kids hauling  it is looking better.  There was a huge bonefire tonight to burn some of the branches.  One of the canoes is under a big tree.  A boat was tossed up onto the pier.  A window was blown out in Wood Duck and another broken in Red Pine.  There were so many clese calls but everyone is safe.  It happened so fast without any warning.  The power was out for 12 hours.  Thank Noel for the new generator!  

May 30, 2011 Memorial Day Weekend. Musky season opened and this beauty was caught.  They are hungry for action.  There has been some rain too.  After Doug Bugled Taps for the American Legion services and our chores were done we headed to the U.P. to the Black River waterfalls.  There was so much water it was awesome.  Last week of school here.  Come up and be the first to swim.  Check out the new loon raft or the osprey nest.  Or get in on the Crappie action and catch a meal. 
Musky Season Open
Bass Catch and Release

March 30, 2011  Spring break found our family in different places.  Doug was in Costa Rica with Spanish Club from the high school.  It was a great trip.  They stayed several days with host families.  The stories are still coming home.  Julia and Laurel were in Florida for a fun packed  week.  Magic Kingdom, Universal Islands, kayaking with Amy and Kathy in mangrove channels, and restful days at Uncle David"s pool.  Noel and the dogs stayed home to keep the fire going.  Track season has started and both Julia and Doug are participating.  We skied Blackjack one last time last Sunday.  The lake is still thick with ice but is starting to thump and groan.  We are planning and gearing up for Spring  start-up.  Hope you have your vacation planned.
February 19, 2011 The Wisconsin HS X-C Ski Championship Races were last weekend.  Our team captain won the race. The team took 4th. Doug came in 21 over all out of over 100 boys.  Julia raced the middle school races, she is in 6th grade, and raced against 8th grade skiers. She did well finishing 40th out of 60 girls and skied hard for both races.  This week the team was going to Madison for the HS Sprint Championship Races.  All was cancelled because of the protests that are happening there. Wisconsin is in the national news. The government will sort this out and we will all move on.  The kids enjoyed their day of freedom.  We lost a lot of snow with a thaw last week but are forcast to get a good storm Sunday.  We will be skiing for a few more weeks.  Spring is coming get your fishing gear ready.. 
Wisconsin Northwoods Cabin Vacation

February 6, 2011  Monday should be a Wisconsin State holiday – The
Packers are the Champions. We enjoyed watching the game (maybe not Noel so
much; a Chicago boy). The blizzard of the century missed us.There is a website
with awesome pictures http://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/the-40-most-amazing
-pictures-of-the-blizzaster-of?s=mobile We have been enjoying our 15” that fell last month a little at a time. The deep cold spell maybe over now that February is here. There is a new activity at Evergreen – Dog Training Weekend. Get more details on the Special’s page.
Dog Friendly

Fishing Time Waiting for Supper Walley Time
January 12, 2011   Happy New Year! This Julia in good skate form climbing the last hill of the Mercer XC race.  She finished 3rd after a team mate tripped her.  He felt terrible but that is why they start racing in Middle School.  The past few months have been a busy family time. Lots of  Holiday concerts. Christmas was with Grandma in Mount Horeb and New Years in Chicago. In between Doug was in Houghton. MI for a XC Ski training camp and we did some downhill skiing at Blackjack in the UP. Now it is XC race season with two or three races each week. We are getting some planning done for the Spring and Summer. Watch for the Dog Training Weekend. That will be posted to the web site this week. How about a Mystery Theater Weekend.
Family Resort

October 23, 2010  Fall fishing is at its' best.  Summer is over - the first snow flakes were in the air as the guys took in the piers. The summer cabins have been drained and packed up.  It was the best year for Musky catch and release in the recorded history of the lodge. 23 legal muskies caught and released in 2010 so far. Largest was 44 inches by Roman. Big walleye also have been caught - 29 1/2 inch. That one is going in on Bob's wall. There are three cabins open and several boats and motors available for rent. Noel got his Chrsitmas/Birhtday present last week – 20000kw automatic generator.  We already used it.  The power was off for a couple of hours.  It will power the whole resort if everyone takes it easy.  Julia is at Camp Manitowish for a leadership camp this weekend.  Doug is at Cross Country Sectionals.  His team won Conference last week.  Next weekend is State.  Then the Cross Country Ski season starts with dry land practice.  This past month Noel went to his 45th De LaSalle High School reunion.  Julia"s Soccer team took 3rd at the tournament (another cool trophy).  
 September 29, 2010    That was a very short month.  With school starting and fall sports and family and friends visiting it just flew past.  The news is that the colors are splendid and the muskies are active.  What better news could there be?  Doug is doing well in Cross Country running.  Julia is enjoying soccer (the tournament is this Saturday).  Noel is heading to Chicago this weekend for his 45th high school reunion. We now have a mobil web site for when you are on the road..  
August 28, 2010
  Rustic Rythems concert was today in Boulder Junction. It was a wonderful event: Up North Connection - Bluegrass and Blue Winds Dancing - Ojibwe Drummers and Dancers and Different Drums of Ireland – Folk Rock/Roots. The month has ended with several weeks of perfect weather.

August 9, 2010  Dog Days of Summer are hard at play. It is perfect weather for spending the day in the lake. The kids are catching fish and building campfires for s’mores. There is a family reunion here this week celebrating 60 years of marriage. The six daughters are hosting dinner one night each. (Left-overs on Friday). Doug is at Roller Ski camp this week. Julia is going to spend mornings at Presque Isle Art Camp. Soccer has started too. Musky Jamboree was Sunday and it was a good day. Noel served beer for the American Legion, Doug and Laurel helped with the kid’s casting contest. Kids should practice casting! Fall reservations are starting. Some of the trees are showing color.
Blue Heron
July 21, 2010  It is the middle of summer.  The resort is full and the kids are having a great time.  We had a wonderful fish fry today.  The Bils caught (most of), cleaned and cooked enough fish for 5 families   Julie"s Kid-ball team won their game tonight so it was a winning season.  We are still getting frequent rain but sun shine every day so a good mix of vacation weather.  It cools off at night and  warms up to about 80 by mid-afternoon.  Hard to believe we are on the short side of July.  Hope you have your vacation planned.  There are still a few openings.  
July 5, 2010  The Flag pole needed a new pully and the crew handled it again.  The pole comes down easy but getting it up is a lot of brute strength.  Doug played "To the Colors" while the flag was hoisted.  We also had a wonderful fireworks display.  Thank you to the Dalh's.

July 1, 2010   Well it has been busy.  Laurel's family (36 people 10 dogs and that isn"t everyone) spent a long weekend here.  It was really a great time.  Cousins and siblings and assorted others including Mom (92 and going strong).  Fishing has been good.  The weather has been changable.  We have caught up on some of the drought.  Some pictures will be posted soon.  Our main computer had to be formated so that caused extra work (and we had plenty).  Happy 4th.
Forth of July Weekend Getaways
Salute the Flag

May 21, 2010   The fish are biting and the weather is pleasant. The cabins are all open and nearly full this weekend. There are three cabins available for Memorial Day weekend. I have been to the spring concerts and recitals – very good. Julia is taking boating safety. The state of Wisconsin has passed a law that smoking will not be allowed in hotel./motel rooms and other lodging establishments, and common areas. This will take effect July 5, 2010. There are ashtrays only on the porches as it has been for years. There will be signs in the cabins and lodge.
April 29, 2010   That month went fast. Crappie fishing has started. Everything is early with the mild temps. The fire danger is still high. The loons are back. An eagle was sizing-up Bailey. We are turning water on and cleaning cabins putting docks in and getting the yard cleaned up. Doug is busy as always - Prom (girl friend), track, band and working here. He pole vaulted 9’-6”. Julie is enjoying the new mountain bikes at school. They ride during lunch recess with the teachers through the school forest. She had her girl friends over to sleep out in a cabin with out water. UP NORTH LIVING!

March 29, 2010 The Lake is open! Spring Break is over and we are back in the grove. This year we drove out to Big Sky Montana to ski. 20 hours of driving. It went well and the skiing was great. We took the long way back and spent an afternoon in Yellowstone National Park, a morning at Mt. Rushmore and drove through the Badlands and spent two hours at Mall of America. The buffalo (bison) were roaming close to the car and the trail. The forests of Wisconsin are truly beautiful after all that prairie. Julia turns 11 on April 4th. She was born on Easter Sunday. Her birthday will not be on Easter very many times so this is special. The summer schedule is filling in and we are lining up staff and projects.
Muskie Time

February 22, 2010   While you are sitting home watching the Olympics we are out doing it! The high school cross country ski season is over. Doug had a great year. As a sophomore he finished the State Championship 34th out of 112 boys. This past weekend he skied around the Capitol Square in Madison and next weekend is the Birkie. Doug will be skiing the Kortelopet. We still have our local areas Lopet which Julie will ski also. Of course we have been going down hill skiing as well. Julie and Laurel have been getting silver metals in Nastar. The kdis are going to school as well. Hope you are all enjoying the snow and cold or looking forward to the warmth of the summer sun. Jan. 15, 2010  How nice to start a new decade. It is all about skiing. Both Doug and Julie were in a Cross Country race in Minocqua last weekend. Doug took 2nd in JV. It was Julie"s first team race and she was 6th. Laurel is joining a down hill race team, I need the momentum. We are planning the resort season. Thinking of staff and maintenance. Doing taxes and web page updates. Lots of community stuff. Lots of school work. But there is time for skiing and skating and friends. Reservations are coming in every day so call soon.

Dec. 15, 2009  There is a foot of snow and we have had 11 below zero temperatures. School was closed for high winds and blizzard conditions last Wednesday. Julia is presenting Polish Christmas traditions for Language Arts. We made a gingerbread house and Polish Kolaczki which were a big hit. We went to Brule Ski Mt. for a CMSC Giant Solomn race. Doug took third in B Men and Julia was the fastest of the Junior Skiers and Laurel was 4th in C Women. X-C skiing has begun also. Doug took 3rd JV in his first race. The deer hunt was odd this season with warm weather and few deer. The DNR has backed off on the extended gun season for 2010.
Muskie Time
Oct. 31, 2009  We are edging ever closer to winter. Doug passed his drivers road test. That will free up hours of my time since I won"t have to drive him around. We have had a steady stream of hunters and fishermen. The lakes have turned over and fall fishing has started. The piers and boats and motors and bikes are put away for the year and the kitchenette cabins are all closed up for the season. Julie and Doug both had a mild case of H1N1 flu. Julie"s school closed for four days when 60 of 190 kids were sick. For once it is good news to be over 50; since we were exposed to this flue about 40 years ago. They were both well for Halloween and had fun at parties and trick-or-treating.

Muskie Time

Sept. 29, 2009 So it is fall! The weather has changed at last. Fall fishing will begin NOW. It has been cold and windy, 40 miles per hour gusts. It was lovely to have 80 degree days for most of September but it couldn’t last. The big fish were lazy all month so they should be hungry and aggressive now. Julie’s soccer team has been undefeated. Tomorrow is the big tournament and hopefully they can prove that they are the best team. Doug has been running well on JV cross country. Home coming is this weekend and there is an activity every day this week. Some how homework gets done and work too. Last Saturday was Boulder Junction’s 50th Colorama Dinner. I was working in the kitchen at Camp Manitowish, dishing up the 300+ dinners that were served. It was fun and a great community activity. Everyone seemed to be there either eating or working. Now that fall has started I’m looking forward to Indian Summer. Our color is just about peak now. Come join us for great fishing and color
Sept. 13, 2009 This past week I enjoyed writing 09/09/09 and am looking forward to 10/10/10. Labor Day weekend was busy-busy. A group of the Chicago Friars Ski and Bike Club was here. Noel and I met in the club. The weather has been summer like and the fishing too. The trees are just starting to turn. There are some brilliant red trees. Doug and Julia started back to school Sept. 1. Both are enjoying their new classes and busy with activities. Julies soccer team is undefeated. Doug is on the cross country team and doing well. Join us here and take advantage of our fall three day specials or enjoy a full week and see the best color show with reds, yellows, golds and greens against the blue sky.
August 19, 2009 This week we have had two Scottish men staying here. They are the AYSO soccer coaches for the camp that Julia is attending in Woodruff. It has been fun to hear their version of English. These guys eat and sleep SOCCER. Doug has been busy with Cross Country practice and marching band pratice. Besides that the fishing has been fair with a 36" Northern Pike caught. The nights have turned cooler, could it be that fall is lurking around the corner?
August 10, 2009 Musky Jamborie was yesterday. Noel, Doug and I volunteered for the Chamber and the Legion. It turned out to be a nice day after threatening rain in the morning. It is summer here this week. Warm and sunny. Musky fishing has been good. There is a family of ducks on the lake. We've been good and busy. Don't forget to make your fall color reservations.

Guests from Scotland
August 1, 2009 The lake level is back up. That’s the good news. Of course we have had rain to cause the rise. One day we had over 10 feet of Musky caught. That is three fish. Last week all of the cabins were rented by one extended family. It was Chicken Fest time. Due to some good planning it didn’t rain on Chicken Fest. Their family is still growing, they celebrated a wedding while here. Maybe baby showers next year. The summer season is at it’s peak for us but fall reservations are coming in every day so get your plan and call for a reservation.
July 19. 2009 Enjoying the fine weather. This otter is on the swim raft. He climbed up the ladder like any other kid to sun himself during breakfast. Animals adapt and take advantage of humans. The fishing has been very good. Muskies for the record book and crappie for the dinner table and a few of everything else. The young man that caught a 45 inch Musky is still bragging. The fish is as big as he is. One young girl caught a little Small Mouth and then a little Musky.
Wild life viewing
July 09, 2009 Here is the almost famous Extra from the Public Enemy movie and his dame at the red carpet primer. There was a nice party at the scene of the filming, Little Bohemia restaurant. Noel was in a tux all day. All of the film with him is on the cutting floor. Maybe the "director cuts"will have some of him on the DVD. We enjoyed the Forth of July parades and fireworks. Julie rode a horse from Grassy Creek Stables in the Boulder parade and Noel was a rifle man with the Legion. Doug was with the Scouts in the Minocqua parade. We had a fabulous display here on July 5. The fishing has been good with Walleye and Muskie coming in. Doug has been at Scout camp this week. Ed Coyan has stopped in several times and is doing very well after his heart surgery. And oh, the weather is so fine. We could use some rain though.
Extra Johney Depp

June 25, 2009 So it has been near 90 degrees every day this week (June in Wisconsin?).. Perfect for fun at the Lake. Fish are being caught. Doug is home from Band camp and working here (that"s good). Julia is at camp, perfect weather for the U.P. My first tomato plants have made a comeback after being frozen so now we have more than planned. All systems are ready for guests. There is an osprey nest across the lake. The loons are calling. The otters are sunning themselves on the RAFT. Seems that the animals are enjoying the lake and the beautiful weather. Come and join the fun.
June 16, 2009 Summer is here, finally with 80 degrees the past two days. We had frost three nights in a row and I lost my first tomato plants but not the flowers. Fishing has been changeable like the weather. Lots of fish have been caught on the good days. Doug and Julie are out of school and already busy. Doug is at band camp and Julie has started playing baseball on the Muskie‘s team. Julia will be at church camp next week. Sometimes things come in streaks such as lots of dogs or teenagers or little kids. Well last week we had pole vaulters. Doug tried pole vaulting this spring in track and Noel had done it in high school and two guests had also been pole vaulters in high school. Noel used a Swedish metal pole. Everyone else used fiberglass.
May 30, 2009 Memorial Day weekend was spectacular. Great weather. Great fishing. Great friends. This walleye is a whooper. The resort was full. Getting ready for the weekend was a push. We had some extra help and it worked out fairly well. One bad thing that happened that weekend was that Ed Coyan, he has worked here for years and is a dear friend, had a heart attack on Saturday at a party at his house. He was rushed to Howard Young hospital in Woodruff and then air lifted to Wausau hospital where he had open heart surgery to correct four blockages. He is home resting today. This weekend is another beauty and Doug is backpacking with Venture Scouts in the Porky Pine Mountain State Park in Michigan. We may have frost tonight and I just planted flowers. Check out the Activity page for more fish pictures.
Walleye 25 inch
May 10, 2009 Happy Mother’s Day. We had a gorgeous day today. In fact the past week has been very nice. The ice went out April 23. The water is warming up. We are delighted to see the sparkling water. The frost is out of the ground and we have the three big cabins ready. John Gillespie (Fishing Show) is staying here and fishing with Jeff Winters for the next couple of days. Looks like a busy Memorial Day weekend. Noel’s high school friends will be here so we are looking forward to a fun filled weekend. Come join us and hook a walleye to get your picture on this web site. March 22, 2009 Spring has sprung. Doug and Julia were on spring break this past week. We went to Indianhead to down hill ski four days and enjoyed 50 degree sunshine days. One day we rode bikes. The lake is still frozen but one day it will thaw and we will be delighted to enjoy the sparkling water. Hope your families enjoyed their spring break too.

March 2, 2009 Minus 25 degrees this morning. This has been a cold winter. There is at least 3 feet of ice on the lakes. The ice fishermen almost need longer augers. We have beautiful snow and sun shine though. Saturday was the last X-C ski race for the kids. Julie raced 4 km and Doug raced 8 km. Both did well. Saturday started out -25 but warmed up to -5 for race time. Doug also raced the Beat the Bunny race. He was the bunny. Doug raced in his first Birkiebiner one week ago. He skied the Kortilopet in 1:32. A very good time for a 10th wave first timer. Doug is really busy with skiing, drivers ed, and band. The school play is this week so band will taper off and ski practice is over and track doesn’t start for a week. Hope everyone has enjoyed the winter as much as we have. Now we will finish the down hill ski season and look forward to SPRING! Bookings are going well so don’t delay to make your reservations.

January 15, 2009 Julia and Doug are home from school today. It is too cold again to run the buses. The low last night was minus 24 and the high today is minus 4. Doug is at a friends house and Julia and I are baking cookies. Doug has been in several cross country ski races and doing well as a Freshman. Julia and I snow-shoed across the lake last Sunday and found otter holes in the ice and a muskrat den and lots of tracks.

Think Spring

December 28, 2008 Hope your Christmas was Merry. Happy Birthday to Noel (25th). This evening we came home from our vacation. We went to Salt Lake City to down hill ski. Bad weather delayed our flights for two days-one night in Wausau and one night in Chicago. We had three great days of skiing and one day of 90 mile an hour winds where we stayed in the motel and watched free movies. The flights home were perfect. Doug’s freshman football team finished number one in their division. Now he is totally into the Cross country Ski Team. The first race was a high school invite and he finished 6th out of a field of 32 Junior Varsity. Both Doug and Julia had great report cards. The three cabins were full for deer season. We had snow and very cold temperatures opening weekend and it was a tough hunt. Three deer were shot by our guests. My mother and two brothers had Thanksgiving here at the Lodge. We have been skiing at Indianhead in Michigan’s U.P. since Thanksgiving and plan to go again tomorrow. Noel organized the Boulder Junction Children’s Christmas Party again this year. It is a joint effort of the Lions, Lioness, Legion, and Legion Auxiliary. About 65 children received personal gifts from Santa. Reservations for summer are coming fast now don’t delay. Wishing everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Up north Holiday
October 10, 2008 The colors are at peak but the brilliants yellows of the birch and aspen haven"t hit their stride yet. Fall fishing has started, big fat Muskies. Everything is late with the mild weather we have had. It has been a busy time for us. Doug is a Freshman and playing football. Julia played soccer and her team WON the Tournament. They played and won four games in one day. They are a really good as a team.
August 23, 2008 It is Laurel's mother's Birthday; Happy 90th Grandma! The lodge is very busy. Fishing is in the Dog Days of August but the bass are still biting. The nights are getting cool and those fish are going to start thinking Fall. We hosted another big family reunion last week. Doug is at Order of the Arrow Boy Scout camp this weekend. He has started Freshman football practice and is enjoying it. Julie won her soccer game today! Laurel and the kids are going to Grandma"s for a surprise party on Sunday. Labor Day weekend the cabins are all full and we are looking forward to a great weekend with friends and guests. Our Chicago Ski Club, the Chicago Friars are part of the guests. Doug is ready for the ski season with new skis purchased on Ebay last week. School starts September 2 and both kids are looking forward to it.
Largemouth BassLargemouth Bass:15-1/4 inches Walleye at sunsetWalleye:26 inches Summer EveFireworks July 5th 2008

August 10, 2008 Today was Musky Jamboree Day. It is a fun day and a work day. Noel was helping at the American Legion booth selling beer. The funds that are raised are used for flags and ceremonies. Doug and Laurel helped the Chamber of Commerce at the Kid"s Casting Contest. Two of the winners are guest here. Julia helped at the root beer float booth. The earnings will be used by her forth grade class on there trip to the state capital. There was live music today and Friday night. Lots of beautiful crafts to buy and good food to eat including a taste of Musky.
There have been some great fish caught - 44 inch Musky, 36 inch Northern Pike, and the super Walleye and Bass pictured above.
Some email that we received and want to share -
Dear Laurel & Noel,
I just wanted to drop a quick note to tell you how much we enjoyed our brief stay at your lodge.  We really enjoyed meeting you and your family, and feel confident that you have a future Miss America in the wings.  We especially enjoyed the "family feeling" that we received at breakfast.  It's fun walking into the kitchen, pouring a cup of coffee, and talking to the cook while she's preparing your breakfast.  Also, the evening campfire is a wonderful time to reflect, chat with other guests, and enjoy Julia"s perfectly made somores!
Thanks Theresa, (B.J.C.C. Secretary)
    We stayed at the Evergreen Lodge and had a wonderful vacation. Little Crooked Lake is a quiet and peaceful place to spend a leisurely summers day. Noel and Laurel are wonderful hosts. Thanks again.

Northwoods Sunset on the Lake Summer Eve

August 2, 2008 There have been many family reunions here this summer. Chicken Fest was another huge success this year. There were 51 gathered here this year which is very close to our maximum capacity. Some nice fish have been caught and seen lately. A 26” walleye was caught last night and a 40” walleye a few days ago. People are seeing lots of nice muskie. Doug is home from Cross Country Ski camp (roller skis). He learned a lot of new technique and conditioning. It is nice to have Doug home to work. Football practice will start soon and soccer started for Julia. It was fun to write 08-08-08 today for the weekly signing sheets. I remember 6-6-66 and a few other repeaters too. Enjoy the last of summer and make your plans for the fall fishing and colorama.

Summer is going well. Fishing has been good – 19” Crappie, 23” walleyes, 42” Muskies, 32” Northern, and Bass too. Lots of fish stories. There have been numerous family reunions and anniversaries and birthdays. This week is Chicken Fest and we have a very full house of guests. There has been a black bear around and getting into the dumpster. A guest saw him one morning and guessed that he was about 200 pounds. Another man saw two bears one morning on Evergreen Lane and estimated the bigger one at over 400. Doug and Julia have been busy with camps and sports. Doug is now in the Order of the Arrow with Boy Scouts

May 10, 2008 Well here we go It is time to come and fish. The ice finally is out. It went about April 25 just in time for the fishing opener. We didn’t think it would go in time but we had rain and wind which finished it off. Noel is busy getting water to the cabins and outside laundry. Everything looks good for the season. Of course we are having some repairs and remodeling done. Doug is being confirmed tomorrow and graduating from 8th grade May 30th. It is a big deal here. Today they had their final fund raiser for a four day trip to Chicago. Today is a very sad day for us. Mandy is gone from us. She was having more and more problems and her sprits were down. Casey and Bailey are getting lots of attention today. Reservations are coming in everyday so don"t delay on making your plans at Evergreen.

Large Mouth Bass
Weed Control

Doug competed in the WI Middle School Cross Country Ski Championship races Feb. 10, 2008. He was 9th out of 37 skiers. We are back from Steamboat Springs, CO where we skied and raced downhill. It was a great trip with old friends.

9th Place State Chap

Sand Castle Family Home Town

December 23, 2007 Wow, I thought that the summer was busy. Doug and Julia are busy with school and home work and a few extras. Soccer, Gymnastics, Kung Fu, Boy Scouts and now Ski Club also take time and are all in Minocqua which means that I am driving them and waiting for them. I have been x-country skiing at Ski Club at least. We had a wonderful fall and good snow for December. Several times this month we have had to wait out storms. Noel has chaired the Lions Children"s Christmas party for a dozen years or so. It is a wonderful small town event with the Lions, Lioness, American Legion and Auxiliary working together for the children"s enjoyment. Today we had about 8 inches of snow. We went snowshoeing. Bailey and Casey came with us. Our destination was the pond at the far end of the swamp at the south end of the lake. It was dark and we still weren"t quite there. Doug had to carry Bailey he had so much snow clumped on his fur that he could hardly walk. Finally we came out to Evergreen Lane. Bailey had a warm bath to melt all that snow. Hope your Christmas was Merry and the Best to you in the New Year.

August 13, 2007 The weather has been oh so fine. It is starting to cool off at night, 55ish. Musky Day was beautiful and the American Legion had a successful day selling beer with Noel at the tap. Doug helped his classmates raise money for the class trip selling root beer floats and Walking Tacos. Julia shopped for the family. She found Grandma a birthday gift, 89 this year, a jacket for the new dog and earrings for herself. Laurel directed traffic and enjoyed the sunshine and the people. The day did start on a rough note. The well pump failed Saturday night about 10 p.m. The GW plumber was up and eating breakfast at 7 a.m. when we called. He rushed over had a new pump installed and running by 11 a.m. (SUNDAY morning). The guests actually cheered him as he drove away. Some of the guests learned that you can flush a toilet with a bucket of lake water which Doug delivered before breakfast.

Pets Family Family Reunion

July 27, 2007 Wow! The summer is going fast. We had some cool weather for two weeks with fair fishing. This week we have had a hot week. Today is perfect; low 80’s and some wind. Great nephew Alex went off to church camp and now Olivia is here for two weeks. She had taken a bike repair class and is working on some of our bikes. The big news is that we have a new dog. His name is Bailey and he is three years old and a miniature poodle. He is a solid 18 pounds. He is friendly and lively and jumps in your lap when ever he can. He and the other male Casey are sorting the pack stuff out.

June 26, 2007 The weather is warm, high near 90. Check the HOME page for the beautiful Muskie caught by Walter yesterday with guide Van Jolin. Julia and Doug are home from camp. They both had a great time and are looking forward to next year. Work is progressing and we will be ready for the crew on Saturday. Several big trees came down today. They had died because of the trench dug for the septic system a few years ago and the porcupine that damaged them. The Tall Pines Music Fest was a great time last Saturday. We all went and enjoyed our selves and worked for the chamber. Noel worked the beer tent and I worked the volunteer gate. The Guess Who was my favorite.

June 18, 2007 Where has the month gone? The kids are done with school and the resort has been busy. Doug is at band camp at UW Stevens Point for the week. He called to check in and he is first chair of the trombone section. Julie is off to a five day camp. A 40 inch Musky was caught last week. Fishing has been very good or nothing. We have had temperatures in the mid 80’s for a week with storms mixed in. Some big storms missed us a few weeks ago.

Dog Fun Vacation

May 28, 2007 The holiday weekend was great Wisconsin weather again. Friday and Sunday were the best days with rain and cool temps on Saturday and Sunday. Fishing was good and we have a freezer full of fish guts to prove it. Muskie was elusive but some seen and some caught. Walleye, Crappie, Bass, and Pan fish were plentiful. Noel and Doug participated with the American Legion Memorial Day services in Star Lake, Sayner, and Boulder Junction flag pole and cemetery. Doug played taps at all four ceremonies. The other big news for the weekend is we have another dog. Casey is a nine year old Golden Retriever. His owner was a friend that recently passed away. Casey is adjusting to resort life and fitting in just fine.

May 17, 2007 The weather has been just perfect for Wisconsin − 85 one day and 30 the next. Noel has turned the water on to all but four cabins. There are leaks in those four and he should have them done soon. The chamber has updated the fishing page check it out http://www.boulderjct.org/reports/?cat=3 Remember the FREE FISHING WEEKEND, JUNE 2nd and 3rd. The other big news is the Tall Pines Music Jam June 23, 2007 in Boulder Junction at the ball park. Here is the line up 12pm Gates Open 1:00 pm Orange Ladder 3:00 pm Copper Box 5:00 pm Nitty Gritty Dirt Band 7:00 pm The Guess Who 9:00 pm Peter Frampton http://www.tallpinesjam.com/home.html Sounds like a great day. We were in Milwaukee last weekend for a friend’s daughter’s wedding and we went to the zoo on Sunday. My mother came back with us so that she can go to Julie’s ballet recital. The holiday weekend will be busy.

April 29, 2007 The weather is perfect and the bugs are sc race. Everyone should be here to enjoy this beautiful Northern Wisconsin weather. No telling what next week will be like but this has been the best. We enjoyed going to three track meets this week to watch Doug in the long jump and 100 meter dash. Noel has started getting the plumbing ready for the Spring Opener. Spring cleaning has started too. We are looking forward to a great fishing season.

NorthwoodsFamily Hike Deer Hunting

April 22, 2007 Oh, to be on vacation again. It has been hectic. Somehow Income Taxes waited until the last moment and usually they are mailed the middle of February. We had a great family hike today with the up hill neighbors. Noel and Doug hunt on the DNR land on Evergreen Lane. They had found some very interesting rock formations. HUGE BOULDERS. Hence, the name− Boulder Junction. There was also evidence of wolf and deer but we didn’t see anything out today. The weather has gone to summer this weekend with temps near 80.

Little Crooked Evergreen Fun Vacation

April 7, 2007 Sun Valley was great. We enjoyed our Chicago Friar Ski Club friends and family. Noel and Doug had an extra treat when they went to the Chicago White Sox opener. The Sox didn’t win but the event was great. Julie turned eight this week and had a bowling party with a few friends. Bumper bowling is great fun. While we were gone Boulder Junction went from winter to summer and back again. It has been cold, windy, and snowing all week. The Easter Bunny will have a hard time here. Little Crooked is open water again and we enjoy the site of the sparkling water. It won’t be long and we will be getting the piers ready.

March 18, 2007We are packing to go ski in Sun Valley, Idaho. We have had the busiest winter I could imagine. Lots of skiing at Indianhead Mountain in Michigan. Doug joined the Lakeland Cross Country Ski Club and practiced once or twice a week and raced in several races at the middle school level. We didn’t have as much snow as we would have liked but it was good enough for all our skiing. Julia is taking ballet and enjoyed gymnastics again. Both of them are taking Kung Fu also. We have been in Minocqua at least three times a week. It seems that the winter flew past. I have taught several computer classes. Noel organized the Lion’s Children’s Christmas Party. Installing new computers and software and winding up the annual paper work took time. It will be exciting to ready the resort for the coming busy season. Our spring break out to Idaho will bring a close to the ski season. April will bring the start of preparations of the resort for the summer.

Fall Color Halloween Fun Upnorth at the Lodge

October 31, 2006 HAPPY HALLOWEEN. The summer cabins are closed up with the water turned off and pipes drained and bedding washed. The picnic tables, grills, lawn chairs and toys are put up and away. The boats and motors and pontoon are stored for the winter. The piers are up on shore. The muskies have been biting and the bow hunters have several deer hanging. We had a pleasant day Monday but are ready for the next snow fall and know that it may stick until April. Grandma was here for a visit; she is 88 years young. We went to see the Birds in Art exhibit at the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau. Wow. We all had favorites. Grandma loved a duck that was carved. Remember her and Grandpa carved and painted the loon on the front desk and several other pieces in the Lodge. Speaking of the Lodge we had a late birthday party for Doug last Saturday. His whole class was invited and all but two were here. The three girls only stayed for pizza and a movie but the 10 boys spent the night. Not much sleeping was done but all had a good time. Now Julia wants to have a party too. The camera and computer are not speaking to each other so check back for pictures.

October 20, 2006 There was a party of 8 men musky fishing Oct. 18. There was a bad storm with dropping temperatures and strong winds. The power was out for a while. The temperature unexpectedly dipped to 20° and many of the pipes froze. The men did not have running water for a while. Noel and Ed were busy getting heaters and thawing pipes. Several pipes broke and Noel discovered a new plumbing devise. Well the crew caught six legal muskies. Two were caught with suckers swimming off the pier while the men watched from the cabin. That was a northwoods weekend.

October 12, 2006 We have had our Indian Summer. Last weekend it was beautiful with the last of the color and sunny mild days. So today it is 20° and snowing and blowing. The lights have been off twice with the high winds. The water is frozen in a lot of the cabin pipes. There are still hearty fishermen here looking for those lunker Muskies. The summer cabins will be shut down next week and the piers will be pulled out too. There is lots of laundry and clean−up to do so we will be very busy. Last weekend was the youth gun deer hunt. Doug didn’t get a deer but the guys had a good time together and have some stories to tell. Julia and Doug are busy with school and activities. Doug had a great weekend backpacking in the Porkies a few weeks ago. Doug checks the Indianhead Mt. web page every few days and today they are expecting a couple feet of snow. That is only 45 miles from here. He has new ski gear and can’t wait for Indianhead to open. So the seasons change.

September 16, 2006 Doug’s football team has won 2 games and lost 1. The weather has been changeable and we have had a frost. Our tomatoes are still doing well, 96 so far from 6 plants. Fishing is picking up. Lots of follows and several landed. The maple trees are changing so we have those brilliant reds. There is a new picture on the SPECIAL page of a nice walleye that was caught Memorial Day Weekend. The fisherman is a friend of Noel’s since first grade.

Canoe Trip Boating Weed Control

September 7, 2006 The weather was beautiful for Labor Day Weekend. The Chicago Friars Ski Club took most of the cabins for the weekend and it was wonderful to get together again. The trees have just started to turn. It is 80° today. Yesterday we drove to the U.P. and hiked around Bond Falls and Agate Falls. Wow they are both spectacular. Doug and Julia swam here in the afternoon it was so nice out. The weather is going to cool off and the trees should get the message that fall is just around the corner.

August 30, 2006 Evergreen has quieted down for a few days but will be full this weekend. We are using the time to catch up on summer. We rode our bikes to the culvert. Highway K is so smooth it felt as though we were floating. We went for a short hike in the woods with Mandy. She was smelling some critter. There have been wolves and bears on the road often. An eagle has been fishing the lake. Something new is that a muskrat has taken a liking to fish finder wires and eaten two of them. School starts Friday. Doug has been practicing with the football team and loving it. Julie has enjoyed summer vacation and was horrified to hear that many people only have two weeks of vacation per year. She thinks teachers have a good deal with the summer off. Last week we took a quick trip to Mt. Horeb to celebrate my mother’s 88th birthday. Ed and Noel handled the resort including breakfast. All went well.

Fun at the Lodge Family Reunion Upnorth at the Lodge
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August 10, 2006 Doug is home form church camp and he had a great time on the island. No showers or schedules ; just fun with his school friends and new friends. Why don’t we all still go to camp, it is so much fun. But here at Camp Evergreen we are having a wonderful summer too. From the amount of fish entrails that are in the freezer each week I know fishing is good. The resort kids have been chasing around like they should. The women are getting the shopping done and books read (guys too). There is going to be a talent show tonight at Musky Strike. This weekend is the 50th anniversary of Musky Jamboree. There is a rock’n roll band Friday night on main street (sounds like fun) and a parade Saturday (Noel and the Legion are leading it) and the usual craft booths and musky feed on Sunday (we are all helping). Check back for the results of all this festivity.

July 31, 2006 We were heading for a record high temperature today but it only hit 95". Everyone spent the day in the lake. It was wonderful. Since we endured Evergreen Lane being torn up and redone the county thought we could handle more. Highway K from Highway H to P was torn up. We never even had a chance to wash our car. Well Highway K is getting new black top and is almost done. Tomorrow the town day camp is having a car wash and I will be in line. Biking has been out of the question since October so we are pumping up the tires.

July 27, 2006 We once again enjoyed "Chicken Fest" with the extended family that reserves all twelve cabins for the third week of July. Our lake association meeting was Friday and the neighbors across the lake noticed that everyone was wearing blue t−shirts and playing horseshoes from morning ’til night. This is tradition!

The Star Spangled Group The Sparklers of the Group
 • •This is the group that celebrates Fourth of July here each year. • •  • • •The kids are growing up. • •

July 18, 2006 The Lakeland Times, Minocqua’s paper, had a terrific story about Evergreen Lodge on the front page of the Extra section, July 14 http://www.lakelandtimes.com/features.php?story=152 The article follows this note.
The Bils’ boys are at it again: catching Northern Pike. We enjoyed a wonderful fish fry with them. Doug is back from Scout camp. He had a great time and will be a First Class Scout now. Alex, the great nephew, has returned to his home in Galesville and is looking forward to returning next year. The HOT weather broke yesterday. It was only 95 here but that is hot for us. Lots of time in the water helped. It is very dry but may rain tomorrow.

Historic Lodge

July 4, 2006 The resort is full and happy. Doug and Noel marched in the Boulder Junction parade today. Doug carried the American Legion flag wearing his Boy Scout uniform. We will go to the airport strip to watch the fireworks over Boulder Lake tonight. Fishing has been good; some of everything including Muskies. The adults are trading stories at the campfires and the adolescents are playing Ghost in the Graveyard out in the dark and cards in the lodge. Bless this wonderful nation that provides so well for all of us.

June 26, 2006 Noel had a great time at the golf outing which was a memorial for a friends son. The young man died in maneuvers off an air craft carrier. There was a Navy Seal that parachuted onto a green (http://web.mac.com/fallingangelses) and some great speakers at the dinner. Our great nephew, Alex, is staying here for a month to work. Alex is Ryan’s brother. We cleaned out and fixed the plumbing in Acorn (more plumbing problems). Doug is just back from a Boy Scout weekend of biking the Sparta −Elroy Trail. He biked 50 miles on Saturday and had a great time. Muskies are still being elusive. They are following but not taking the bait. More walleye are being caught. Julie has taken to fishing and caught a nice large mouth bass off the pier.

June 16, 2006 Summer weather is here− mid 80′s and some humidity. The fishing is good, swimming is good and Zycie jest pi?kne (Life is beautiful!) Noel is in Chicago for the weekend for a golf outing with old friends. The cabins are nearly full for the weekend and everything seems to be ready for the year. We keep getting reports of a monster muskie. Notice the new pictures scattered on the site.

June 8, 2006
School′s out! School′s out! The kids are home. The weather is beautiful. The raft is in the water and we have been swimming out to it. Doug finished the year with a new hair style. It was nice to cut it all off and have our boy back. Julie spent the last few days of school at home sick with a virus. She is back to her old self. There is a family of snow shoe hare baby bunnies that we are seeing. All the plumbing seems to be done. Walter caught 2 legal muskie yesterday. Julie caught a nice large mouth off the pier.

Bad Hair Day A walk in the park

May 27, 2006
It is the weekend. Water problems are still plaguing Noel. A lot of people are fishing with the following results− Crappie, Bass, a 24 in. Walleye, Northern, and several Muskie follows including a huge one. Doug and Noel joined the Legion and the Cub Scouts to put flags on the veteran’s graves at the cemetery in Boulder. Monday Doug will play Taps on his bugle at the four memorial shoots that the Legion performs. It is good to have the resort full and happy.

May 23, 2006
The plumbing is coming along. 4 of the summer cabins are up and running. The screens and awnings are on the lodge. Some of the piers are in and the pontoon boat goes in tomorrow. The weather forecast for the holiday is warm with a chance of showers. We need the rain but hopefully it is at night. It is an exciting time at the lodge as things are coming together. We are looking forward to a busy weekend with guests in every cabin. The couple that were here for several days caught some crappies and a 36 in. muskie while fishing for crappie. Doug declared that the water is warm enough to swim and promises to try it tomorrow. Enjoy your holiday were ever you are and remember to take a moment of silence at 3:00 p.m. and think of the men and women in the armed forces now and in the past that have ensured that we live in this wonderful country.

May 20, 2006
Well here we go. It is time to get everything ready. Noel is turning water on to the cabins and finding all the broken pipes. One by one he fixes the leaks. So far three cabins are ready. Jill and Ed are both working too. Three cabins have new roofs. Dwight helped with the roofs. The last roof was done by a new firm: Three Grumpy Old Men Roofers (Noel, Dwight, and Ed). They are not taking on any new jobs. The weather has been very changeable as always. We had several weeks of rain and 9" of snow May 11. It is hard to get things done.

School is coming to an end. Everyone is happy about that. Our school is short funding so we had a referendum. It failed in February and so we tried again in April. It passed but a lot of campaigning was done. Doug had a great year in Band, Gym and Art. Julia had a great year in reading and math and building friendships.

We enjoyed the winter. Enough snow to ski all the time. There was one real blizzard in April. Most every weekend found us on the slopes at Indianhead. We also joined our Chicago ski club for a week in Aspen at the end of March. The weather and snow were wonderful and the mountains were awesome.

Some guests were out with Jeff and had a beautiful catch of Walleye. When the cabin was cleaned all the fish were found in the refrigerator. Through a series of phone calls they learned of this before they left Minocqua and they returned for their catch.

Last fall the beavers started attacking the trees on our frontage. A friend set traps and caught seven large beavers that had a house in the back bay. He was happy to have the pelts and we are lucky to have any hardwoods left.

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