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June Musky
First Muskie
June Walleye
First Walleye
June Crappie
Crapie Catch

Things for Kids to do
Musky Action
Peas in the Pod ……… …and Out

Family Vacation
Basket Ball Camp
Up North Vacation
Swim Camp
At the Lake
Float Camp

wisconsin vacation Click to Play movie clip (14060kb)
Cottage Vacation Cabin Vacation Lake Vacation Wisconsin Vacation Wisconsin Lake Vacation
Hi Laurel, Can't tell you enough how we enjoyed staying with you last summer! I've attached a little photo of me, Caroline & Adam (they were on their honeymoon)
Also, I wanted to pass on a little 50 second movie which shows some of the beauty of your lake. I plan to return. I was so very happy staying with you and your family.
All the best in the new year; John.       Click to Play movie clip (4903kb)

Doug is in China. Which of the females is the teacher?

Doug goes to China The Great Wall

Indian Summer Bass.  The Work Crew fish too.

Large Mouth Bass Work Crew Apple Cake

Feeding the Work Crew.

Kids Fishing

Bass off the pier for breakfast


Peas in a Pod

Fall Color Northern Wisconsin

That is what we need next...a float plane.

Fall Color Northern Wisconsin Wildlife Viewing

Kevin was hunting in Rhinelander in December.

Wow plan a fall getaway.

Fall Color Trip

One for the book.


There were more Muskies registered in 2010 than any year since 1955!
A great article "This Fall, Try a Northern Wisconsin “Combo” Trip"
By Gary A. Engberg 9-12-2010 gengberg September 12th, 2010
Link to article

What a catch of Crappie

Crappie Limit

What a catch

Fish Fry
Who's bigger?
Walter has another trophy Musky

Name this Vilas lake


Memorial Day Fine Weather and Great Fishing

Large Mouth Bass

Who Caught That Great Walleye?


Early Morning

Boats for rent

Small Mouth Bass


Great weather and great fishing!

Large Mouth Bass

The Dog is proud of this 26 inch Walleye


One Great Day of Fishing

Muskie Musky

One Great Day on the Water

Canoe trip water skiing

Nice Catch

Large Mouth Bass First Muskie
If Fishing is your sport ... We've got 'em all. Play a sucker, jerk a plug or work a Bucktail to tempt the mighty musky from his hole. Jig for walleyes, lure a bass from under a lily pad or thrill your family with an afternoon of panfishing. Little Crooked is a Class A musky lake, but if you seek variety, 196 lakes within a 10 mile radius challenge the angler. Hire a professional fishing guide to refine your techniques as you pursue the lunkers and enjoy the fish lore of an expert. Our boats and motors are ready to go or tie your own to our docks. There is a DNR concret boat launch across the lake from the resort. In the screened fish cleaning house with sink, running water and lights, you can quickly ready the day's catch for wrapping and freezing for the trip home. There is water for all sorts of activities. Take the kids for a pontoon boat ride around the lake and look for wildlife. Use a canoe or kayak to explore the beaver dam and back bay. Little Crooked ia a quiet lake, 154 acres and 30 feet deep, one mile long and one half mile wide. We have boat and motor rental for the day or week.
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